Clearwater Homeless Intervention Project

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Clearwater Homeless
Intervention Project

1339 Park Street
Clearwater, FL  33756
(727) 466-6612
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Wandering the streets
day in and day out, not knowing where to turn for direction.  Lost in ones own despair, not quite remembering how you ended up on the streets.  Worrying about where your next meal will come from, whether you will wake up at all from your sleep in some bushes, a car, or under a bridge. Having long since forgotten what life was like when there was hope.  Wondering if anyone even cares that you are a human being. For those who are experiencing these feelings, there is indeed hope...CHIP.

Our Mission:

The purpose of CHIP is to positively intervene in the issues confronted by and surrounding the homeless, and the impact of homelessness upon Clearwater and upper Pinellas County.  CHIP will work to establish a continuum of care that will enable the homeless to move from a condition of dependency to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.  This will be accomplished through direct shelter care, case management, behavior monitoring, and development of new services by focusing the efforts of our entire community.

A partnership project of...

City of Clearwater, Florida

Society of St. Vincent  dePaul
The Salvation Army
Clearwater Housing Authority
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