Success Stories


This is the story of a 55 year old man that worked the majority of is life as a truck driver. After a difficult divorce, John found himself depressed and looked to alcohol for comforting. After 10 long years of alcohol use, John had lost his house, contact with his family, and - most importantly - his self esteem. John came to the CHIP Center with only a few personal items. Through counseling and hard work in the programs offered by the CHIP Center, John found stable employment and began to gain back his self dignity. He moved into transitional housing and reestablished contact with his family. John's son graduated with his doctorate and then, on a visit to see his dad, helped him purchase a permanent home. Now, two years later, John is doing well and even donating to CHIP.

This is the story of a 52 year old woman who was a nurse at local hospitals for over 15 years. When Janet came to the CHIP Center, she had just spent the past two weeks in an apartment without electricity. Janet suffered from anxiety and had been disconnected from her family for at least 5 years. She was emotionally overwhelmed with her situation and unable to look at anyone without crying. After a safe and warm night's rest, Janet was able to "get herself together" enough to begin looking for work. She denied assistance for her mental health issues. Within six weeks, Janet moved into an efficiency apartment. One year later, Janet returned to the CHIP Center. She again moved after a short time - still refusing mental health assistance. Just 2 weeks after moving out, Janet was again in a distressed emotional state. She lost her job and was drinking heavily. She came to the CHIP Center and requested assistance again - but this time was ready to receive mental health counseling. Janet followed through with her counseling sessions and worked full time at a new job. Janet continues to work each day on setting boundaries with others and on choices that are best for her.

This story is about a 47 year old man who came to the CHIP Center even though he had full time employment. He was a crack cocaine and alcohol addict and was paying restitution for worthless checks he'd written. Due to these problems, Ron had lost his home and driver's license. He had also spent some time in prison. Through the programs and counseling offered at the CHIP Center, Ron has been able to maintain full time employment while paying off all restitution. He has been "clean and sober" for over a year. Ron now lives in a rental apartment which he shares with a roommate. Ron is also on the CHIP Board of Directors as a client representative and sometimes fills in for workers at the CHIP Center.

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