Office of Professional Standards Investigation #IA2023-003

On display until February 07, 2024, 12:00 AM

DATE:Aug. 7, 2023

Involved Employee

Officer Richard Edmonds has been with the agency for 9 years 6 months.  


It was alleged that on May 4, 2023 at approximately 0026 hours, Officer Richard Edmonds made an improper arrest and during the arrest, failed to de-escalate the situation. The appropriate general order for the allegations involving Officer Edmonds are as follows:

Improper Searches/Arrests (212.57) – No employee shall make an improper search or seizure or an arrest or detention not in accordance with current depart­ment directives.  Employees shall respect the constitu­tional and civil rights of all arrested or detained persons.  (Level 4)

Insubordination-Disrespect/Candidness (213.65) – Employees shall not direct any disrespectful, insolent, or abusive language or actions toward a superior, whether in or out of the presence of the superior. Employees are required to be candid and straightforward at all times to superiors, in verbal and/or written communication, whether under oath or not.  (Level 3)

Duty to Read/Understand/Comply with Orders – Employees shall read, understand, and comply with all rules and regulations, general orders, administrative orders, policies and procedures of the Department, written and verbal orders of a superior.  To this end, it shall be considered to be the employees duty to inquire of a superior until the matter is resolved concerning any question as to the meaning or application of any law, rule or regulation, general or administrative order, policy or procedure, written or verbal order.  (Level 2)  To wit:

Use of Force – De-Escalation (22.6B(2)) - De-escalation Techniques – Taking action or communicating verbally or non-verbally during a potential force encounter in an attempt to stabilize the situation and reduce the immediacy of the threat so that more time, options, and resources can be called upon to resolve the situation without the use of force or with a reduction in the force necessary. De-escalation techniques are required whenever possible to gain compliance prior to the use of any physical force.


Based on the facts documented in the administrative investigation, the Discipline Review Board sustained the allegations against Officer Edmonds.

Discipline/Corrective Action

In accordance with progressive discipline guidelines, Officer Edmonds was terminated.