Investigation #IA2023-008

On display until April 21, 2024, 12:00 AM

DATE: October 18, 2023

Involved Employee

Officer Cuomo has been with the agency for 2 years 7 months.


On various dates and times, Officer Cuomo met with Katelin Lance, who he was dating. On several occasions, Katelin and Officer Cuomo would meet during his shift. During that time, Officer Cuomo and Katelin would engage in non-police related activities and conversations. Officer Cuomo would also go to Katelin's residence while on duty to have his meal break and participate in other non-police related activities. During all meetings with Katelin, kissing was confirmed to have occurred. The purpose of this investigation was to see if Officer Cuomo violated policy with his actions. The appropriate general order for the allegation is as follows:

On/Off Duty Conduct - Morale/Efficiency - Image/Public Confidence (213 .49) - No member shall engage in conduct on or off-duty which adversely affects the morale or efficiency of the agency; nor shall any member engage in conduct on or off-duty which has a tendency to destroy public respect for the member and/or the agency and/or destroy confidence in the operation of the municipal service or which tends to affect the members performance in the work setting whether or not such act is a criminal offense. (Level 5) - Sustained.


Based on the facts documented in the administrative investigation, the Discipline Review Board sustained the allegation against Officer Cuomo.

Discipline/Corrective Action

In accordance with progressive discipline guidelines, Officer Cuomo resigned prior to discipline.