Victim Advocacy

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Victim Advocacy and Assistance - Police Headquarters
Criminal Investigations Division
Investigative Support Unit
645 Pierce St.
Clearwater, FL 33576

Sgt. Kerri Spaulding: 727-562-4385
Belinda Darcy - Social Service Specialist: 727-562-4350
Fax: 727-562-4389

The Victim Assistance Program of the Clearwater Police Department started in 1977 as the first victim assistance program in the Tampa Bay area. Our staff works to protect the rights of the victim and to ensure that crime victims receive the information and assistance necessary to reduce the impact of crime.

Victim's Bill of Rights

  1. To be free from intimidation.
  2. To be told of possible compensation for court appearances.
  3. To be informed of possible monetary compensation for victims of violent crimes.
  4. To be made aware of social service agencies that can help you.
  5. To be assisted by criminal justice agencies.


Victim assistance is available to any resident of the city of Clearwater, or to a victim of a crime committed within the city, who is in need of help or information concerning problems resulting from the crime.


A qualified staff counselor is available at all times through the police department to assist victims who are emotionally traumatized by a crime. If immediate services are not needed, the victim assistant will attempt personal or written contact the next working day. The victim assistant will explain the victim assistance program and various services which are available to victims through the judicial system and from various social service agencies in Pinellas County.

Serious crimes often have a strong emotional impact on their victims and other family members, causing feelings of fear, anger, guilt and grief. Talking with a counselor can help you and your family find effective ways to deal with these problems. Victim assistance provides counseling and support throughout the court process.

Information Service

The victim assistance staff can provide information about the criminal justice system and what a victim can expect during the police investigation and court procedures. Information is available concerning the progress of individual cases. Applications and forms for compensation through the Crimes Compensation Bureau or private insurance companies can be completed.


Our victim assistance staff members have access to community agencies available to help victims. The victim assistant can provide help in locating and securing the needed services.

Recovery of Victim's Property

If your property is recovered or taken as evidence, it may be months before it can be returned. If you find you are in need of your property held by the police or the courts, contact victim assistance. Every effort will be made to expedite the return of your property.

Victim Assistance Presentations

Presentations to community groups are available to provide information on victim assistance, as well as sexual assault, child abuse, spouse abuse and many other areas of victimization. If you or your group are interested, please call Belinda Darcy at (727) 562-4350.

Additional Services Provided

  • Assistance with emergency housing, food and medical help.
  • Assistance in the replacement of identification, credit cards, food stamps, Social Security cards, etc.
  • Transportation to the courthouse for court proceedings related to Clearwater Police cases.
  • Assistance in completing applications for crimes compensation or for insurance benefits.
  • To serve as an advocate for the rights of victims on the state and local level.