Missing Persons Under Suspicious Circumstances

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The Clearwater Police Department is asking for your help in obtaining information regarding the following persons missing under suspicious circumstances. Even the slightest bit of information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can be helpful or even crucial to solving a case. Often, information comes to light many years after the incident occurred. If you have any information that you believe may assist us in solving these cases, please call the Clearwater Police Hotline at (727) 562-4080 or email Crime Tips.

The images below are the missing persons.

Image of Mark Allen ThompsonMark Allen Thompson

White male, 30 years of age

Case#: 01-29813
Date Last Seen: 10/31/01
Location: Pro Shop Pub, 840 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL

Thompson was last seen on October 31, 2001 leaving a local gay lounge, the Pro Shop Pub, located in Clearwater. His pick-up truck was later found abandoned in Tampa. Thompson has not been seen or heard from since.

Image of Zachary M. BernhardtImage of Zachary M. Bernhardt age enhancement to 18 years of ageZachary M. Bernhardt

White male, 8 years of age

Case#: 00-2551
Date Last Seen: September 11, 2000
Location: 2690 Drew Street, Apt. 634, Clearwater, FL

(Second image is the most recent computer generated age progression.)

On September 11, 2000, at approximately 4 a.m., Zachary Bernhardt disappeared from his residence in Clearwater. His mother went for a walk and upon returning, Zach was missing from his bed. At the time of his disappearance, Zachary was 4'6" tall and weighed 60 lbs. He has straight blonde hair and blue eyes. He also has a small scar on the bridge of his nose, chin, and lower lip.


Image of John C. PodniestrzanskiJohn C. Podniestrzanski

White male, 32 years of age

Case#: 97-12715
Date Last Seen: March, 1995
Location: Clearwater, FL

John Podniestrzanski was last seen by family members in March 1995.
Also known as "Johnny Pod", he was known to deal in stolen auto parts and family members feel that this criminal activity may have contributed to his disappearance.

Image of Patricia E. ActionPatricia E. "Patty" Action

White female, 25 years of age

Case#: 78-10244
Date Last Seen: May 26, 1978
Location: Ramada Inn-U.S. 19 & S. R. 60, Clearwater, FL

Patty Action was last seen leaving the Ramada Inn Lounge in Clearwater on May 26, 1978. She left the Lounge around 11:30 pm in her 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle. Patty's car was found abandoned on U.S. 19 in Tarpon Springs on June 1, 1978. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Image of Margaret DashMargaret Dash

Black female, 38 years of age

Case#: 74-9084
Date Last Seen: June 14, 1974
Location: 1142 Wildwood Street, Clearwater, FL

Margaret Dash was reported missing by her husband. He reported that Dash was having an affair with Cleveland Hill (Black Male, 23 years of age). The husband stated Hill threatened to kill his wife if she did not leave her husband and run away with him. Dash's vehicle was located in St. Petersburg two months after she was last seen. Cleveland Hill is also connected to two other missing females, Retha Ingram-Hires (Black Female, 34 years of age) and Donyelle Johnson (Black Female, 6 years of age).