Barrier Island Re-Entry Pass

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Appointments are required.

The Barrier Island Re-Entry Program was established to keep beach areas safe in the aftermath of a hurricane or tropical storm. We want only those people who own property on the beach to be able to access the area after such an incident. All Clearwater Beach residents and business owners, including Sand Key and Island Estates, need to register with the program to receive their assigned emergency access permits.


Step 1.You may apply online if you are a residential owner or renter/lessee of a property located in Clearwater Beach

Step 2.Only residential property owners or renters/lessees may apply for a permit online

This includes single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, duplex/triplex and boat slips. Commercial properties will need to apply in person at the Clearwater Police Department with an appointment. 

Step 3.Gather the required information

You will need an image of your driver's license and an image of proof of ownership or lease. 

Step 4.Fill out and submit the form

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office website

Step 5.For information or questions

Find the relevant contact information on the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Website

View Contact Information


Step 1.Beach residents and business owners can register at the Clearwater Police Department

The Clearwater Police Department is located at 645 Pierce St., Clearwater FL 33756. 

Step 2.Please bring government-issued photo identification and proof of residency

Photo identification example: a driver’s license or passport 

Proof of residency example: a utility bill or property tax receipt