Register My Camera

We are building an interactive map of security cameras in Clearwater that will:

  • Be accessible only to the Clearwater Police Department
  • Increase the efficiency of direct video evidence collection
  • Provide immediate contact information to investigators for camera owners
  • Enable communities to work together to create a safer Clearwater

Registering your cameras does not allow the Clearwater Police Department access to your live video stream - it only enables investigators to know a camera is present at your location and easily request video evidence should an incident occur.

Register Camera (Residents)

Step 1.Register

Register by providing contact information and location of surveillance cameras. There is not a fee and registration is voluntary. This should only take approx. one minute via our secure portal.

Register Via Our Secure Portal

Step 2.Provide your Contact Information

Enter your first and last name, email and phone number. You must enter all contact fields.

Step 3.Provide the Location of the Camera

Enter the address, city, state and zip and name of location of the camera. Specify if it is a residential or business address and how many internal and external cameras there are.

Step 4.Submit

Once you have successfully registered, we will send you a confirmation email. Confirmation emails will be sent out annually to confirm your contact and camera information is still current. You can opt-out at any time.

Integrate (Business)

Integrating your camera system takes community security one step further; helping you get more out of your security camera investment.

Camera sharing allows the Clearwater Police Department access to your camera feed in case of an emergency near your location; all of your cameras or some of them, you set your preferences. Sharing your feed can improve response time and help keep you safer by providing advanced details of the situation.

To share your cameras, all you need is a small FūsusCORE device that plugs into your camera system. Once it's set up, it enables camera sharing based on your settings without impacting your network.

This program is recommended for, but not limited to locations that are open to the public at large, considered critical infrastructure or have heavy pedestrian traffic such as large concert venues, religious buildings, office complexes or shopping centers.

If you are interested in the camera integration program or purchasing equipment, please reach out to for further information and guidance.

Email Fūsus

If a criminal event occurs nearby and your camera system might have captured information or evidence that could be useful in an investigation, an email request may be sent to the listed contact person. The email will provide the time frame of the crime and some details about the investigation.

The investigator may request a copy of your video surveillance during that time frame that could assist in the investigation. The email will provide a secure uplink location for which to transfer the video.

What is Fūsus?

Fūsus is the most widely used and trusted real-time crime center platform in the United States. It is an open intelligence system that enhances investigations for law enforcement, first responders and private security personnel.

Does Fūsus utilize artificial intelligence?

Fūsus utilizes artificial intelligence to rapidly search video provided to the system by users in order to mitigate criminal activity. All AI use cases exclude facial recognition, but may be utilized to automatically recognize weapons, vehicles of interest, etc.

Is the FūsusCORE secure?

The data is secured with AES 256-bit encryption at rest, in transit, and in the Cloud. The FūsusCORE establishes a secure connection with TLS 1.3, allowing outbound traffic to AWS GovCloud. Once data reaches the FūsusONE CJIS-compliant cloud storage location, hosted on AWS Gov-Cloud servers, data is redundantly stored in multiple, geographically separated storage locations, or zones, to ensure over 99.9999% reliability and durability of data.

Will Clearwater Police Department have a real-time streaming option?

Yes. In partnership with Fūsus, a real-time option is available through the FūsusCORE device with conditional access via the business integration option. Business owners have the ability to choose how and when their cameras are accessible to the police department. For example, private businesses and schools may choose to have their cameras accessible to Clearwater PD officers only when an emergency situation arises.

Is FūsusONE Secure?

FūsusONE, the platform Clearwater Police Department will use to compile all relevant information in one place, adheres to the highest standards of security for access to, transfer, and sharing of Criminal Justice Information according to CJIS standards. All data that is accessible within FūsusONE is encrypted at rest, in transit, and in its cloud-hosted location. Access to databases is restricted by strict networking rules. All Fūsus Employees involved in CJIS-related software development undergo an extensive screening process, including background checks and fingerprinting.

Fūsus Terms of Service