Hire an Extra-Duty Officer

Officers in front of Capitol Theater

We will assign off-duty police officers for special events and circumstances in response to requests from citizens or businesses to the extent permitted by existing resources and in accordance with department procedures. The primary intent of extra-duty assignments is to provide a supplementary service to the community by assigning available off-duty uniformed officers to security, crowd control, or traffic related details which do not fall within the scope of the on-duty patrol officer's responsibilities, yet which are reasonably expected to require the services of a sworn police officer.

The business or citizen requesting this service is required to pay for the officers' services at a rate established by the police department. Requests for services which exceed the department's capabilities or are not consistent with the professional law enforcement policies of the department will not be honored. All extra-duty police services provided by Clearwater Police must be within the Clearwater city limits.

Clearwater police officers do not arrange their own "off duty jobs." All job requests are screened and assigned by the Clearwater Police Department. 


Step 1.Review

Review the Extra-Duty Agreement(PDF, 350KB) , which contain important information regarding procedures, rates, and payments.

Step 2.If you have any questions

call (727) 444-7243 during business hours, or email specialoperations@myclearwater.com

Step 3.Print and sign

Apply via e-mail, fax, or in person at address listed below between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All applications should be received by the Police Department at least eight (8) days before the event.

Any application received seven (7) days or less before the event are only processed with the understanding that the assignment may not be filled. All jobs resulting from job applications received seven (7) days or less before the event date will be billed at the premium rate.

Jobs which may be overly problematic based upon their history or general character will be subject to the premium rate. This determination will be made with discretion by the Clearwater Police Department. The applicant will be notified, in advance, if a premium rate is applied.

A background check is required for establishments/applicants serving alcohol. 

At least eight days prior to the event or the anticipated need for the officers, print and sign the permit application and appropriate extra duty agreement (above) and fax or mail it to:

Clearwater Police Department
Extra Duty Employment Office
645 Pierce St.
Clearwater, Florida 33576
FAX: (727) 562-4466
VOICE: (727) 444-7243

We suggest you make copies for your records.

Step 4.Your application

Your application will be reviewed to insure that the job complies with department policy and you will be notified of approval or disapproval. Requests received seven days or less in advance of the job are subject to higher rates.

Step 5.Payment

The Applicant/Establishment may be required to pre-pay upon submitting the permit application. Payments should be made in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or company check. Only established accounts with a good payment history will be permitted to be invoiced for extra-duty services at the discretion of the Clearwater Police Department.

If payments become more than 60 days in arrears, the Applicant/Establishment will be considered for suspension of the permit.

The Establishment/Applicant will be notified and further extra-duty employment will be withheld pending settlement of the account and/or civil proceedings.

No officer is allowed to accept monies from an establishment/applicant or anyone else associated with an extra-duty job. 

Rate Schedule Regular Rate Premium/Holiday Rate
 Lieutenant in a supervisory capacity  $75.00/hour  $85.00/hour 
 Sergeant in a supervisory capacity  $70.00/hour   $80.00/hour
 Officers  $65.00/hour  $75.00/hour

For all billing inquiries, please call (727) 444-7218.