Unsolved Homicides

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The Clearwater Police Department is asking for your help in solving the city's unsolved homicides. Crimes do not occur in a vacuum; people see or hear information that may seem insignificant at the time, but which could be crucial to solving a crime. Often, information comes to light many years after the crime was committed. If you have information that you believe may assist us in solving these crimes, please call the Clearwater Police Hotline at (727) 562-4080 or email Crime Tips.

Joshua Grey Gunn

White Male, 31 Years of age

Case#: 05-21621
Date of Crime: August 23, 2005
Deceased: May 12, 2010
Location: 1383 S. Madison Ave. Apt. B, Clearwater, FL

Joshua Gunn died as a result of complications from a gunshot wound he received while trying to escape from a home invasion robbery that occurred at his apartment. Two masked men pushed their way into the apartment and demanded drugs and money.


Petra Martin

Hispanic Female, 31 years of age 

Uriel Martin

Hispanic Male Child, 2 years of age

Case#: 03-18944
Date Found: 7/19/03
Location: 400 S. San Remo Avenue, Clearwater, FL

Both Petra Martin and her 2 year old son, Uriel, were found dead in their apartment from stab wounds. Petra Martin's infant daughter was left unharmed.


Vasilios Vorvis

White male, 41 years of age 

Case#: 2008-62645
Date Found: July 6, 2008

Two unknown males and one female confronted the victim in his home and stabbed him multiple times. Robbery appears to be the motive


Francois Bing

Black male, 26 years of age

Case#: 08-65369
Date Found: July 14, 2008
Location: 913 Engman Street

The victim was found in the front yard by the homeowner, deceased from a single gunshot wound. The motive is unknown.


Justin Austin

Black male, 38 years of age 

Case#: 15-74241
Date: May 26, 2015
Location: 1486 Overlea Street, Clearwater, FL

Justin Austin was found shot inside the house at 1486 Overlea St. He was taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries. Suspects fled the scene in a red Nissan vehicle.


Clarence Bolden

Black male, 37 years of age 

Case#: 02-3677
Date Found: February 7, 2002
Location: 1722 Fulton Street, Clearwater, FL

Clarence Bolden was shot and killed while attending a poker game. Two masked men interrupted the game in an apparent robbery. Bolden was shot when he balked at handing over the money.


James Siebert

White male, 53 years of age

Case#: 05-28328 
Date Found: 11/2/05
Location: 612 Sally Lane, Clearwater, FL

James Siebert left his apartment to go to work in the early morning hours. He was attacked by an unknown person and beaten with a blunt object.


Louis Cecere

White male, 31 years of age

Case#: 04-15423
Date Found: June 10, 2004
Location: 1150 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL

Louis Cecere was discovered shot to death in his home. He was purported to be involved in the drug trade and in dispute with business associates.


Michael Constanzo

White male, 18 years of age

Case#: 95-09546
Date Found: April 21, 1995
Location: Memorial Causeway Blvd, East Of Island Way, Clearwater, FL (road to Clearwater Beach)

Suspect Vehicle: Late model full size gray Cadillac, possibly a 4-door, in good condition with wire rims, dark tinted windows, and Cadillac emblem above the license plate. The license plate number is unknown.

Michael Constanzo was shot and killed as he drove his car across Memorial Causeway. At the time of the shooting, the above described Cadillac was seen traveling next to Constanzo's vehicle.


Margaret O'Connor

34 years old

Date Found: October 18, 1993
Location: 606 Lembo Cir, Apt 102, Clearwater, FL

Margaret O’Connor was found deceased in the closet in her residence. She died as a result of asphyxia and blunt force trauma to her head.


Melanie Warren

Black female, 15 years of age

Case#: 92-12732
Date Found: May 24, 1992
Location: 1012 Jones Street, Clearwater, FL

Melanie Warren was sitting on a chair in a screened porch when an unknown vehicle drove by and fired several shots towards the house. A bullet struck Warren resulting in her death. 


Danny Eugene Jordan

White male, 40 years of age

Case#: 90-39912 
Date Found: December 27, 1990
Location: Courtney Campbell Causeway near the small west bridge, Clearwater, FL (causeway between Tampa and Clearwater)
Danny Jordan was found floating under the small bridge on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Death was attributed to upper body trauma. Evidence of a struggle was apparent near the waters edge where Jordan was found.


William H. Sears

Black male, 46 years of age

Case#: 89-02450
Date Found: July 20, 1989
Location: Downing Street, just west of Bayshore Drive, Clearwater, FL

William Sears was found dead in the trunk of his car. It is unknown why the car was parked on Downing St.. Sears was known to associate with topless dancers and may have been involved in the drug trade.


Annie Mueller

White female, 79 years of age

Case#: 87-00767
Date Found: 1/11/87 (died 4/17/87)
Location: 1405 Leo Lane, Clearwater, FL

The victim opened the front door of her residence to get the morning paper and was attacked by an unknown suspect. The suspect put a sweater over the victim's head, beat her and took the victim's purse and other items prior to fleeing.


Elizabeth Martin

White female, 75 years of age

Case#: 81-09-4510
Date Found: 9/29/81
Location: 200 Starcrest Drive, "Starcrest Village Apartments", Bldg. 5, Apt. 17, Clearwater, FL

Elizabeth Martin was found dead in her apartment from blunt force trauma.


Henry Seifert

White male, 46 years of age

Case#: 83-03-4972
Date Found: March 28, 1983
Location: Countryside Mall, 27001 U.S. 19 N. (previous address was 2601 U.S. 19 N.), Clearwater, FL

Henry Seifert was found in his car, dead from a gunshot wound. The car was parked in Countryside Mall's upper lot.


John Henry Flood

White male, 19 years old

Case#: 82-01-1328
Date Found: January 8, 1982
Location: Amoco Station, 1495 Belleair Road, Clearwater, FL

John Flood was shot and killed during an apparent robbery attempt to the Amoco Gas Station. Flood was the on-duty employee.


William Mason

21 years of old

Case#: 79-378
Date Found: January 7, 1979
Location: 7 Rockaway, Charlie’s Bar, Clearwater Beach, FL

William Mason was involved in a fight with two suspects in the parking lot where he was stabbed to death.


Debra Rizzo

15 years old

Case#: 78-14986
Date Found: August 2, 1978
Location: Wooded area east of the 1200 block of Bell Drive, Clearwater, FL

Debra Rizzo’s body was found in a small wooded area about a block from her residence. She died as a result of blunt force trauma and it is believed she was also sexually assaulted.


James Hendrickson

29 years of age

Case#: 78-11422
Date Found: June 7, 1978
Location: 612 Sally Lane #12, Clearwater, FL

James Hendrickson was stabbed to death and was found in the trunk of his vehicle. It appears the suspect was attempting to transport and discard the victim’s body when the vehicle became disabled and was found abandoned one block away from the victim’s residence.


Randall Brown

47 years of age

Case#: 73-16476
Date Found: 12/24/73
Location: 223 Island Way, Apt. 806, Clearwater, FL

Randall Brown was found dead in his residence with injuries resulting from a gunshot wound and blunt force trauma.


Nick and Demetra Jeatran

Male age 82 and female age 74

Case#: 68-8419
Date Found: December 24, 1968
Location: 1135 Jackson Road, Clearwater, FL

Nick and Demetra Jeatran were beaten to death in their residence during an apparent burglary.